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In 2014 I started my Young Living journey.  The "way business has always been run" did not work for me.  I was finding little to no success and became extremely frustrated. I looked to come up with a solution that worked for me to grow my business in way that was actually going to be sustainable.  That is when the Oil Lounge & Co. was born.  I created the first Young Living website of its kind.  Let me tell you it was not the prettiest thing but it was effective for sure!  Quickly after implementing my website I grew to hit Silver in less then 6 months. When my uplines caught wind of my success I was asked to share my strategy with the team. Since that moment I've been helping women bring in my same strategies and practices to help them grow their own business.

After 5 years of being in the business I've learned a ton!  With each season we tweak our products making them prettier, more effective and brings you unmatched quality and design. Now, after 5 years, we're brining you the BEST that we have to offer and put it on a platform that is beyond easy to use-making our templates the most sought after product for 2020.  As a Young Living business builder you deserve to have a website that...
1)  is easy to edit (no matter your skill level) 
2) has a design that is gorgeous and matches your brand
3) brings in new members
4) educates and nurtures your team
5) hosts classes off of Facebook
6) has blogging capabilities (crucial part of where business is going)
7) automates you business to give you back precious time

What I see is a business that is Evolving - Growing and Changing.  This is a GOOD THING.  This means Young Living is primed to stay around for a LONG TIME.  This also means how we run our business will also change.  The things our upline did to grow to be where they are may not be working any more.  The times are changing and demanding we change with them.  This is why websites are such a crucial part to how we move forward to grow and attain a successful thriving Young Living business. This will be your business tool that keeps you consistently growing your team.  Consistently taking care of your members.  And consistently helping you grow in ranks and paychecks and prosperity.

Together we will grow your business to new heights but you will need to take that first step moving forward.

Automation guarantees you are taking care of your audience as well as effectively using your time in areas that need you most! Bye Bye burnout.



A great leader needs to have passion.  Passion for the products.  Passion for sharing.  Passion for making a difference in their community's life.


a spoonful of

A successful thriving business will have strategy as the heartbeat of their growth. Struggling businesses lack strategy or refuse to evolve their strategy to account for a change in their business



I believe there are 3 key ingredients.

WHEN IT COMES TO Running a successful Young Living business

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• Done for you design
• easy to edit and change
• just add your images & copy
• be live in less then 2 weeks
• bonus class website!

Showit Templates are beautifully designed pre-made websites specifically made for Young Living distributors. The sites are cohesively built so you can stay on brand and rock your business the way you envisioned.  Get up and running in less then 2 weeks!

Showit website Templates

Gorgeous, strategic, diy

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• instant download
• printable
• strategic
• front line tested
• gorgeous

Your business needs tools to help you plan, stay organized and run in an intentional, strategic manner.  Head to the shop to get yourself prepared to have the best year in business.

Business tools

Organized, Plan, Beautiful


• 8-12 week process
• New branding package
• new polished website on showit
• wordpress setup for blog
• Planning & strategy session

Your business deserves a one of a kind website design and branding.  Inquire below to set up your personalized dream site to start running the professional, polished, automated business of your dreams. 

Custom Website Design

On Brand, Intentional, design

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want solutions to help your essential oil business

Gorgeous resources to help you grow and thrive in your business.  Each can be tailored specifically for you, by YOU.  Grab your game changing tools now.

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Take the guess work out of workflows and email sequencing!  We have you covered for New Members, Classes and more!  Stay tuned as this product will hit the shop in 2020 and you won't want to miss it!

email with ease


A Showit website template that is easy to customize and add in your own images and team branding to create a gorgeous marketing tool that will serve you AND your business builders to grow with intention.

freedom Team Showit Template


A Showit website template that is easy to customize and add in your own images and branding to create a gorgeous marketing tool that will bring in profits, time back and strategy to your business.

Freedom Solo Showit Template

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keep hearing the love ⟶

My website made a HUGE difference in how I'm able to connect with my team and new members 🙌🏽 Thank you for putting in the hard work for us!  It was so worth it 😍"

" Before I purchased my template I felt my website was messy and needed love.  I was hesitant because the price was the highest I've ever spent on a template.   Now I'm receiving so many compliments on how pretty it is.  Best part is the template is tailored for an oil distributor AND I am starting to host classes all on my website!  "

"  I was overwhelmed building a site for my business but I knew I needed one. Rather then spend hours creating one myself and wasting time I purchased the Freedom Solo.  It was a site that was already done for me all I had to do was add in my colors, copy and images 🙌🏽 "

" So affordable! And oh so pretty. And all the extra features provided for my clients is great too! I love that I can send them to my site for an EO 101 class... And I love the recipe and favorite product sections. Did I mention everything is SO pretty? :) "

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