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as a young living distributor myself, i get the frustrations, the fear, the struggle, the dream, the hope, the freedom that we seek

How can I help you create the essential oil business of your dreams? 

Hey there! I’m Ashley, and I work with passionate female Young Living distributors. I help them create and attain a polished look online, while sprinkling in ton of authenticity, and automating the heck out of their business to gain profits and sustainability. After helping over 150 women launch their websites, and raising 2 kids I’ve learned the key to growing a tribe and getting more time back is being intentional with your strategy.  Let's get you where you want to be...

my favorite things


I love hot or cold, black or full of sugary, milky goodness.  I do not discriminate.  My current fave is the Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew from Starbucks!

my kids

Jackson and Bella are my crazy kiddos.  They have personality galore and humor for Days!  We do not lack in the entertainment department in our home.


My office companion-Ellie is a Shi Tzu, Jack Russel mix.  She's lazy, likes treats and loves unconditionally.  I'd say she's my spirit animal.


I am a home body for sure!  If given the choice to stay home or go out I will always choose home. Raise your hand if you feel me!

A website to grow my business

Freedom Solo

I need ...

a website for my team to thrive

freedom team

I need ...

Stand out from the crowd with gorgeous design and purposeful strategy.  This Showit template is designed to help you grow your essential oils business and FAST!

Create an environment for your business builders to grow, contribute and truly take on a team based culture.  Your home base for your tribe will encourage community, allowing them to shine!

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Yes! I'm ready for a team home base!

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hear more from our clients!

" Before I purchased my business lacked structure and direction.  Since purchasing my site I've not only gained so many compliments but I now have a clear vision for my future business and I am so excited! "

" I’ve been wanting to create a site for my team where we can truly create a team culture together!  I also didn't want to spend a fortune!  I found the perfect solution with purchasing the Oil Lounge & Co. Freedom Collection!"

" Before I purchased my website felt mess and needed love. ... Since launching I have received may compliments on how pretty my new site is.... I'm looking forward to hosting with the new class feature! "

" So affordable! And oh so pretty. And all the extra features provided for my clients is great too! I love that I can send them to  a spot for an EO 101 class... And I love the recipe and favorite product sections. Did I mention everything is SO pretty? :) "

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