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I believe I just heard the crowd all at once say, “Finally!”. Taking classes off of, Facebook is not only important to make sure your audience gets the best experience but also allows you to control notifications, content, everything about the class itself. Right now running classes on Facebook are FRUSTRATING.  It can seem like […]

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The mystery has been solved.  How to get people to give you their email address so they can be on your newsletter.  You need to give away your knowledge.  People want what you have and they want it for free.  It is a very simple transaction.  You get their email and they get your knowledge.  […]

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Flodesk seems to have crashed onto the email list scene and I’m so in awe of her beauty and ease!  I’ve been using email providers for close to 10 years in my businesses and I think I’ve tried them all.  As I grew and needed more powerful fuctions I would change to a new provider.  […]

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