Let’s Get Your Essential Oil Class off of Facebook

I believe I just heard the crowd all at once say, “Finally!”. Taking classes off of, Facebook is not only important to make sure your audience gets the best experience but also allows you to control notifications, content, everything about the class itself.

Right now running classes on Facebook are FRUSTRATING.  It can seem like no one is showing up.  No one cares.  And when you’re taking precious time out of your schedule to create the content and no one gets to attend and soak up your goodness that can definitely leave you feeling deflated.

What if you could take advantage of OWNING your audience?  You decide what they see.  You decide how they get notified.  You decide the entire experience.  How refreshing is that!?

Below I’m going to show you how to set up and use your add-on site that comes as a bonus with your Freedom Solo or Freedom Team template purchase!

What you will need before you get started (assuming you already have your Showit account set up).

  1. Your Class talk track or outline plus any additional imagry you are going to use if doing a power point type of presentation.
  2. A video recording of you teaching the class.  I like to use a platform such as loom.  It records and then gives the embed code needed to load it onto your site.
    1. You can do a power point type presentation or just a recording of you talking to your audience
  3. A video recording of you for the Thank you page welcoming them to the class and letting them know whats next. (1-4 minutes tops)
  4.  A guide or workbook where they can follow along to take notes.  Create something on brand with an easy, free platform like Canva.  Make it a pdf and save it to your computer. (optional but recommended)

Once you have all of your materials you need to create your class in Showit.  Follow these instructions in Showit to create a Plus Site.

Click Here for Instructions for Plus Site



Once you have your Plus Site set up ✓ Class Recorded ✓ and Thank You/Welcome video recorded ✓ now it is time to get your Class Template set up and your email notifications/workflow set up!

Template Pages

The class template comes with 3 pages 1) Sign up page 2) Thank you page 3) Class Page.

The Sign up page is there to show the class outline as well as get them signed up for the class. This is an important step that kicks off your automation. Once they view the class outline and decide they would like to attend your class they will fill out a form connected to your CRM program (newsletter/email provider) . I love Flodesk-and you can read more about that here. This will allow you to 1) capture their email address 2) Get them segmented in your CRM program so you are organized 3) Set up on a workflow that will time-released emails and send the attendee where you want, when you want.

The Thank you page is there to greet your new attendee and give them action steps to take now that they are signed up. Please Note: if you are allowing attendees into your class as soon as they give you their email address then you will skip the Thank You page. On the Thank you Page will be your embedded welcome video. In the video, you will welcome them with enthusiasm. Let them know they made the right choice by choosing to sign up for the class. You will also let them know what to expect next or what is called your Call To Action (CTA). Things you will want them to do is to 1) put the class into their calendar and set the alarm (if on a phone). 2) Download the Guidebook that is coming in the follow-up email. Give the follow-up emails Subject line so they know exactly what they are looking for in their inbox. Then you may want them to do something else like read the blog or add in some way for them to continue to connect with you.

The Class page is where your class will be hosted. This is where you will embed the class video that you made. You will also have the Workbook (if you chose to have one) and CTA’s (once the class is done). You must know what you would like your attendee to do after the class is done. This will keep the relationship going. Do you want them to contact you? Join in on a pop up group/ Instagram Post? Reach out to you with questions? Catch a blog post that may give them more insight into what they just learned? Order from you? Sign up for another class? Continue on with the next installment of the class? Whatever it is you need to list that at the bottom of the class page to make sure their experience does not end when the class ends.

Stay tuned to get a peek into how your CRM will tie up your class with a pretty little bow and make it work seamlessly to take the burden off of you and automate the whole entire thing.


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