Flodesk is the BEST Email Provider and I’m Going to Tell You Why

September 30, 2019

Flodesk seems to have crashed onto the email list scene and I’m so in awe of her beauty and ease!  I’ve been using email providers for close to 10 years in my businesses and I think I’ve tried them all.  As I grew and needed more powerful fuctions I would change to a new provider.  […]

email-getting used to and loving it
My new why and how i got there
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Flodesk seems to have crashed onto the email list scene and I’m so in awe of her beauty and ease!  I’ve been using email providers for close to 10 years in my businesses and I think I’ve tried them all.  As I grew and needed more powerful fuctions I would change to a new provider.  With each new provider, there were always new bells and whistles. Who doesn’t like that right?

Now before I can gush over Flodesk I have to talk about the boo I just left behind…Convertkit

I loved (most) everything about Convertkit.  It is a powerful platform that I cannot say enough good things about them honestly.  I was segmenting, tagging, building, and targeting and I was loving it.  The ONLY thing I felt I was missing was the lack of design options.  My emails were blah.  They were straight forward and unless you could code – which who’s got time for that?- your email was cookie cutter.  Nobody stops to read blah emails. Think about it…

Why do you read the magazine headlines at the checkout?

Because they are visually interesting.  Eye candy that is meant to draw you in and get you interested in the content inside.  This is what Flodesk does for your emails.  She (Flodesk) brings a visual game that has you screaming “YASSSS gurl.  Read those powerful words I got to say”.

I use Flodesk now for EVERYTHING.  Below is an image of how I implemented Flodesk to start capturing emails for our website.  In exchange for their email, I am giving them a 10% discount off of our Showit Templates.  Everybody wins.  I get to continue to build a relationship with them and they get to save money.

For my business I use Flodesk to:

  • Send gorgeous eye-catching emails to clients and soon to be clients
  • Collect email addresses of qualified leads and clients
  • Start & Stop Workflows that not only automate our business but kindle the client relationship with me and my business
  • Segment my subscribers so they are receiving quality content that they actually want to read based off of the services they are interested in.

I love Flodesk as a platform because

  • It is a simple straight forward platform.  I understood how to use it right out of the box and for a total newbie, there will be a minimal learning curve.
  • The emails and workflows you can create are gorgeous and meant for your reader to open up and want to read what you have to say
  • Powerful tools such as segmenting and workflows are key to maximizing your content
  • Extremely affordable (if you click here you save 50% for life)
  • Design options are endless
  • Templates that are drag and drop and so easy to use
  • Brand-specific settings allow you to build your brand while sending solid content to clients and leads

Why even grow your email list? Why even bother?

One saying that Amy Porterfield once told me was

The money is in the list.

Did you know that for every one person on your list it can be equivalent to $1 extra in your bank account?  So think about it-2 thousand subscribers & 2k extra in your bank account?  Yes, please! Also beyond that amazing statistic is a simple fact that you want to “own” your followers.

Here’s what I mean by that.

Let’s envision something for a minute ok?  On Facebook say you have 2 thousand friends and on Instagram, you have 9 thousand followers.  That is great and totally awesome but what if Facebook or Instagram shut down tomorrow?  What would you do?  How would you talk to your followers?  How would you get in touch with them?  If you weren’t able to get in touch with them how would they ever find you on the internet again? If they couldn’t find you on the internet would your business survive?

Those are the questions that got me jumping into figuring out this email game.  I knew if my social platforms shut down I would be up $h*ts Creek without a paddle.  And that is not a smart business move.  I needed to get a plan and STAT.

Here are 5 things you can do TODAY to get your email list going.

1.) Sign up for a CRM platform.  Some top options for your business are…

    1. Flodesk<—-is hands down my go to.  It has EVERYTHING including done for you templates!
    2. Convertkit
    3. Madmimi
    4. Drip
    5. Mailchimp

2) Come up with a Freebie that your readers cannot resist.

  1. A freebie is something your audience is dying to know about that you are happy to give away for free.  Some examples may be.
    1. 5 Ways you can use your oils to get better rest TONIGHT!
    2.  My 10 things I wish I knew before I got my starter kit.
    3. Avoid this thing I did at all costs! And what I did to overcome it.
    4. Grab my sure-fire way to have a productive day.
    5. Implement these 7 steps to having a stress free school year.
    6.  The 3 simple things I did that raised my check by $500 in one month.

3.) Put your information in a PDF format with a free program such as Canva

4.) In your CRM platform create a form that gathers emails and first names and when a visitor gives you their email the CRM platform will automatically send and email with the download content inside.

5.) Find a spot on your website or blog post to put your form and embed it in a high traffic area.

6.) Link the form to a Welcome Sequence.  A good welcome sequence will have 3-5 emails sent at various times that are infused with your personality, dripping with content, and genuinely allowing the reader to get to know you.

Ok, now it is your turn to go and execute!  Let me know which email platform you used below in the comments!  I love to see what you are using and loving.


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  1. Sarah says:

    Wow! I had no idea about Flodesk! I will be checking it out for sure!

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