How Easy it is to set up a Free Class optin with Flodesk

Hey there!  Have you been curious about how we get tons of email addresses collected for utilizing classes on our Showit websites?    Well, today we are going to dive into how to set that up by using the easy CRM (client relationship management)  Flodesk.

Step 1) Create your Flodesk account

Step 2) Choose the menu item FORMS

Step 3) Choose “Create New” and then “Full Page”

Step 4) Create a Group of Subscribers that will subscribe to this form-this is called a Segment.  Name this something that will help you when you need to implement a workflow or an email that you will send to this group of subscribers.

Step 5) Edit the template by adding your copy, an eye-appealing image, and adjusting the font and colors to your brand.

Step 6) The form should capture the email address AND the first name.

Step 7) When you are done editing hit next.  Decide whether you wish to be notified when a member signs up for the form and then hit next.  This is a personal preference on your end.  I personally like to get notifications because it feels like Christmas every time I get the “You have a new subscriber” email.

8) Here is where you connect your class. You will see a message that asks what you want to happen after they give you their name and email.  You will choose: Redirect Subscribers to a URL

With your Freedom Class template that is included in your template purchaseFOR FREE!  (It is a 3 page add-on plus site that will host all the pages of your class.  Page 1 is the Sign Up page, Page 2 is the Thank You or Confirmation page and Page 3 is the class. ) You have 2 choices when it comes to which URL you are going to send them to.

Option 1) If your class has Immediate Access-you will send them to your class link page (Page 3) of the Freedom Class add-on and they can get started learning right away.

Option 2) If your class does not start Immediately and will start at a later date and time you will send them to your Thank You page (Page 2) so they know they are signed up and what to expect next.

If you do not have the class template that is ok!  You can send them wherever you have a class loaded in to!  Just make sure you get the right URL and slug so they go to the right spot.  It is best to test this part out to make sure there are no hiccups in the signup process.

9) Once your form is complete copy the Published URL link that generates for that specific form.  You will then load any specific button or text associated with the class sign up process with the Published URL link.

Voila!! You created a Class Sign Up form in less than 20 minutes.  👏🏼 Repeat these steps anytime you have a new class that needs automation in the signup process.


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