How to get people to sign up for your Newsletter

The mystery has been solved.  How to get people to give you their email address so they can be on your newsletter.  You need to give away your knowledge.  People want what you have and they want it for free.  It is a very simple transaction.  You get their email and they get your knowledge.  Everyone is happy and nobody feels bad about it.  There isn’t anybody handing over their email to just be on your list…even if your business is off the chain and amazing.  Being on a newsletter list has a stigmatism attached to it that once you’re on it you’re just being sold to.   So we cannot expect anyone to willingly hand over their email address to be violated like that.  So you need to sweeten the pot with all that knowledge you got up in that pretty head you have.

Here are 5 things you can do TODAY to get your email list going.

1.) Sign up for a CRM platform.  Some top options for your business are…

    1. Flodesk<—-is hands down my go-to.  It has EVERYTHING including done for you templates!  You can read about why I love it HERE
    2. Convertkit
    3. Madmimi
    4. Drip
    5. MailChimp

2) Come up with a Freebie that your readers cannot resist.

  1. A freebie is something your audience is dying to know about that you are happy to give away for free.  Some examples may be.
    1. 5 Ways you can use your oils to get better rest TONIGHT!
    2.  The 10 things I wish I knew before I got my starter kit.
    3. Avoid this thing I did at all costs! And what I did to overcome it.
    4. Grab my sure-fire way to have a productive day.
    5. Implement these 7 steps to having a stress free school year.
    6.  The 3 simple things I did that raised my check by $500 in one month.

3.) Put your information in a PDF format with a free program such as Canva

4.) In your CRM platform create a form that gathers emails and first names and when a visitor gives you their email the CRM platform will automatically send and email with the download content inside.

5.) Find a spot on your website or blog post to put your form and embed it in a high traffic area.

6.) Link the form to a Welcome Sequence.  A good welcome sequence will have 3-5 emails sent at various times that are infused with your personality, dripping with content, and genuinely allowing the reader to get to know you.  This is where you let them know you’re taking care of their email address and caring about them.  The information just keeps coming!  You’re building a relationship with them and letting them know you’re the real deal.  Every time they get an email from you they are going to want to open it because the content is THAT good.

Ok, now it is your turn to go and execute!  Let me know which email platform you used below in the comments!  I love to see what you are using and loving.


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