One Personality Test that Change My Business

You may or you may not have considered Personality Tests as something that could be crucial to your Young Living business. I’m here to tell you if you are not utilizing Personality Tests in your business then you are for sure working harder then you need to be.

Personality Tests are not only for yourself but also for your downline members AND your prospective members.  They (personality tests) can enlighten you on how your others think as well as yourself.  Think of it as your own language.  If you don’t know how to talk in a way they understand or CARE ABOUT (that’s a biggie) then you may be trying to get a message to them that they will have a hard time receiving.   Think about your own relationships for a minute.  If you are having a passionate argument with your partner you may be trying to come to an agreement and it’s just not happening.  More then likely you’re saying the same thing but neither of you are getting the message from the other.  If you aren’t able to understand the other person that is frustrating. It all comes down to communication.  Communication is at the base of all good relationships.  If you can communicate (in most cases) then your relationship will be a good one.

When I first started my Young Living business I had the pleasure of sitting on a live call with Jacob Adamo, the creator of the Color Personality Test.  He talked about how he used to do door to door sales and he noticed given the same pitch, in the same neighborhood some people were receptive and others were not.  You can probably relate to your oil business.  Given the same pitch, same confidence, same great product-some people are all in and others never want to talk to you again…but the big question is WHY?  Why does this happen-Jacob, thought the same thing.

Long story short, Jacob, came up with the color personality test.  He realized that he could group people into four different color categories which correlated to a type of personality.  Based on their personality traits he was easily able to categorize the person and begin talking in a way that got them to buy-in to what he was saying.  For instance-someone that cared about their family above all else would get a pitch based on how his product could help their family and then he could list all of those benefits.  Someone else who only cares about themselves and doesn’t give two flips about others (including their family) would get a pitch based on benefits for them and how they could benefit from the product.  Someone else down the road may only care about how much fun it is going to bring them.  If it isn’t going to help in the fun department “I. DON’T. WANT. IT” So he would then have to tailor his pitch to bring about the fun that he/she could have with his product.  By implementing this practice he was able to get more YES’s and a lot less No’s.  Which is the goal to anyone in business.

The same goes for the Young Living business and honestly life in general.  If you are able to speak to a person in a way that engages them.  Excites them.  And makes sense to them you will get WAY further than speaking to them in a way that is “foreign” to them.

When you are trying to get prospects to sign up or your team members to follow and feel involved you will resort to talking to them in their personality color.  So today (if you don’t know yours already) I want you to head to and figure out your personality color and then read all about it.  You must find out FIRST what your color is.  It is very important to have a good grasp of your own color before you can move on and figure out what others are.  Next, take the test into your support group or simply start with just your leaders.  Find out what their colors are and then talk it through with them. Remember to share yours in the process. This will be eye-opening for you both and I bet it will make your relationship even deeper simply due to the fact that you have a better understanding of your colors.

So what are you waiting for?  Head to the test to find out your colors 💙💛❤️💚

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