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The shop contains expertly designed products that are built exclusively for Young Living distributors in business.  It is time to level up and make your dreams come true.

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The Freedom Collection is a line of beautifully designed Showit Templates specifically made for Young Living distributors.  The sites are cohesively built so you can stay on brand and rock your business the way you envisioned

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freedom solo

showit Website Template

A website designed to pull in cold and warm market leads to grow your business with purpose and strategy.

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freedom team

Showit Website Template

A website designed to create a culture of leaders and business builders so everyone in the community can GROW & FLOURISH!

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$399 USD

Drag & Drop, No Code Needed

Our website templates run on Showit! A

platform.  Is your website this easy to edit?

Showit is a powerful drag and drop platform that is coupled with the high Powered  WPEngine, the highest-rated WordPress host on Earth!  Showit gives you complete control of your blog design and layout and branding. 

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My website made a HUGE difference in how I'm able to connect with my team and new members 🙌🏽 Thank you for putting in the hard work for us!  It was so worth it 😍"

" Before I purchased my template I felt my website was messy and needed love.  I was hesitant because the price was the highest I've ever spent on a template.   Now I'm receiving so many compliments on how pretty it is.  Best part is the template is tailored for an oil distributor AND I am starting to host classes all on my website!  "

"  I was overwhelmed building a site for my business but I knew I needed one. Rather then spend hours creating one myself and wasting time I purchased the Freedom Solo.  It was a site that was already done for me all I had to do was add in my colors, copy and images 🙌🏽 "

" So affordable! And oh so pretty. And all the extra features provided for my clients is great too! I love that I can send them to my site for an EO 101 class... And I love the recipe and favorite product sections. Did I mention everything is SO pretty? :) "

essential business organizer

printable digital planner

It is time to organize and strategically plan out your essential oil business.  No more notes all over the place.  Keep everything in one gorgeous, safe place where you will be inspired to lead and stay on track with your team.  

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email with ease

email sequences for your business

Take the guess work out of your workflows and emails!  Be inspired to email with confidence and set up a workflow that works FOR YOU.  Start to create that everlasting relationship with your email list and members so you can empower your business for the long run.

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digital Planners and Guides

and just who am i?

Hi! I'm ashley. web designer and young living distributor since 2014

After creating my own website for my business I quickly achieved the rank of silver in just under six months

What is Showit? 
Showit is a drag and drop, no coding editing & hosting system for your website. In that platform is where you will make all of your changes and where your website will be hosted. If you have hosting already through a third party provider Showit will take care of that for you on the back end.

Do I have to use Showit or can I use the template on other platforms?
Yes, your website template can only be used with the Showit platform. It will not be compatible with any other platform.

How much skill do I need to edit my template?
Showit is extremely easy to maneuver once you have watched the introductory videos in the training that you are given once you purchase your template. With the drag and drop features, color coding, font options, and zero need for coding I'm confident that any skill level can use this platform.  

How does this work?
You will need to purchase your template and then you get full access to the video library and tutorials made by the OLC as well as Showit. From there you will get your Showit Account, load in your template and use the video library to be walked through step by step how to edit and launch your website.

What if I need support?
You will have a great support system through this process. Not only will you have access to Ashley and the OLC team and the step by step videos but you will also have live chat support with the Showit team, a Showit user Facebook group, and if there is something big-Showit has an emergency team to take care of those crazy circumstances.  

What Showit plan should I choose?

At a minimum I would choose Tier 2 so you have the blog option. Blogging will be a huge part of your strategy so you will want to have that set up right away. I do suggest Tier 3 but you can always upgrade at a later date to get all of the premium features.

I would like your help! Are you available to set up my website for me?
Due to a packed schedule it is hard to say what projects we have going on. If you would like to check in to see if we are available to help you can send us an email at hello@oillounge.co to request a set up. Our packages start at $1,250 usd.

I would like something more custom made for me.  Do you build custom sites?
Yes, If you are wanting a custom website for your business please send inquiries to hello@oillounge.co with your vision.  Custom project packages start at $3,000.

I have more questions, how can I get in touch?
You can email hello@oillounge.co with any further questions you may have.

Here's what others have asked:

In 2014 I started my Young Living journey. The "way business has always been run" did not work for me. I was finding little to no success and became extremely frustrated. I looked to come up with a solution that worked for me to grow my business in way that was actually going to be sustainable. That is when the Oil Lounge & Co. was born. I created the first Young Living website of its kind. Let me tell you it was not the prettiest thing but it was effective for sure! Quickly after implementing my website I grew to hit Silver in less then 6 months. When my uplines caught wind of my success I was asked to share my strategy with the team. Since that moment I've been helping women bring in my same strategies and practices to help them grow their own business. Read More...

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