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When should you open your own Facebook Group

January 9, 2020

I get this question a lot. When is the right time to branch off and start to have your own group? Let’s figure that out together.  As you grow it puts you in a territory that you aren’t sure of.  It can be uncomfortable but it is a part of moving to the next level.  […]

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I get this question a lot.

When is the right time to branch off and start to have your own group?

Let’s figure that out together.  As you grow it puts you in a territory that you aren’t sure of.  It can be uncomfortable but it is a part of moving to the next level.  But there are some factors that play into deciding whether your own Facebook group is right for you.

  • Question #1 you need to answer is: Does your upline have a support group? (side question-is it 30k plus? aka too big to be seen or heard?)
  • Question #2: What your upline posts in the group align with your beliefs and along the lines of your branding?
  • Question #3: Is your uplines group active-and are you active in the Facebook group (answering questions, making posts and adding fresh new content)
  • Question #4: Do you have a downline made up of mostly your sign-ups or were you stacked by your upline?
  • Question #5: Do you have important information to say OUTSIDE of what is posted in your uplines group?


The breakdown

#1 Breakdown: If your upline DOES NOT have a support group (and you do not have access to a close upline) then you should probably have your own group.  Every team needs support in some way and you may need to be the leader that starts the group you’ve been hoping to find.  If your upline DOES have a support group we will look at the next few questions to see where we go from here

#2 Breakdown: If your upline has a group but DOES NOT align with your business and oily beliefs then you should probably get yourself your own group.  There are a lot of ways to do this business and a lot of ways people like to use their oils.  There really isn’t a wrong way (even if we think OUR way is the best LOL) but if you see posts from your upline and you are constantly disagreeing then 1) you’re creating a toxic relationship 2) you’re creating a place of negativity that will spread throughout their group 3) you’re showing your downline the type of behavior they should exude.  By having your own group you can control the content that makes you happy and resonates with your like-minded downline.  If you are on the same page as your upline that is amazing and definitely a resource you should stay with.

#3 Breakdown: If you are not active in your uplines group then you will once again be showing your downline how to act in your support group (should you choose to open one 😉 ).  By being active and posting to creating new content you should be actively adding goodness into your uplines group.  BUUUUT this is a huge BUTTTTT if you are the ONLY one creating new and fresh content then you may want to skip out and start your own group.  Look I may get some Hater-ators  on this one for saying this but there’s some seriously lazy uplines.  I’ve been one #guilty and have experienced one #forshame so I see BOTH sides on this issue- If your upline is not holding up their end to the bargain and adding fresh new content and not adding some type of value then a quite exit stage right may be needed.  I’m all about the TEAM when the team is there but when you’re a solo show it can bring in animosity and negative emotions.  Just make sure the group is balanced-which includes you being an active participant.

#4 Breakdown:  This is a GOOD one!  I suffered from this and made a HUGE mistake when I hit silver.  I opened my own Facebook group.  I mean I earned it right?  I got to stinking SILVER! It was a HUGE accomplishment!  The crappy thing that I didn’t take into account was mainly made from a thunder thigh that was enrolled by my upline.  Ergo their allegiance was to my upline!  The same goes for you if you’ve been stacked and really helped to get where you are by your upline.  If you have a majority of downline members with a leader/allegiance other then you-there is a great chance you will open a group that no one will visit- Even if you have great content! Essentially-you haven’t earned your stripes yet kid.  NOW on the flip side of that IF you’re EXTREMELY active in their business/journey and host Zooms, Classes, One on Ones and have really done the heart work with your group and consistently get positive feedback and vibes then, in my opinion, you stand a chance at having your own group.  But be honest with yourself friend!  If you have not done the heart work to earn your stripes then do not pass go or collect $200-Your group will most likely bomb if you open one.

#5 Breakdown: This is a pitfall I see a lot of groups fall into-the Copy and Paste approach to adding content and “value” to your Facebook group.  Listen nobody wants to see the same post in all of their support groups.  People want new.  People want fresh.  Don’t get me wrong-your downline needs important information sent to them but they also need you and your leadership brain to come up with new copy, images, and content that will excite them.  This keeps them coming back.  This makes you different.  This is what makes what you do so special.  If you cannot make a promise to consistently bring new content to the stage then being an active supporter (question #3) in your uplines group is most likely the best option for you.  It doesn’t matter that you are Platinum friend-Rank does not matter.  What you can give to your group matters.  There should be ZERO pressure to open a Facebook group if you’re honest with yourself and you realize you cannot guarantee the amount of fresh new content that you can provide for your people.

Truth is a Facebook group takes work.  Not only do you need to constantly be putting out good content but the group must find it useful.  Once you answer Questions 1-5 you should have a better idea of where you stand with that.  I hope this helps you in making your decision!

Always cheering you on


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