Young Living Websites and Why the OLC uses Showit Exclusivly

Oil Lounge & Co. is a website design company that runs completely on the platform Showit and believe it or not this is not the first time we are breaking onto the scene.  Oil Lounge or the OLC has been around since 2015.  Since then I have tried EVERY. SINGLE. PLATFORM that you can possibly try to get this company where I had envisioned it to go.  With every move to a new platform, the company was always moving towards an upgrade.  Shiny new things (platforms for this instance) are fun but they also have to be easy to use, functional and be powerful to do the heavy lifting your website demands.  With every new platform, something else was checked off my list but I always felt limited in what I could do.  As a designer who couldn’t design the way I wanted was frustrating. I knew what I wanted to do but couldn’t get my vision easily onto a website.

Four long years later after our “birth” in walks Showit into my life.  Like a handsome cowboy walking into a spa asking you if your shoulders hurt.  Ya-it was like that. Keeping with the vision-It was like I didn’t even know my shoulders hurt that bad until then…but let’s get back to website talk. I immersed myself into learning about Showit.  I immediately picked up the backend editor because it was so simple.  I finally-for the first time in my web design career- had FULL creative freedom to do what I wanted to do on a site.  I wasted no time crafting a site for myself… and then a lightbulb moment happened.

“What if other Young Living business ladies wanted to do this?”

I was confident that now no matter your techy background all of my Young Living friends could have a site of their own.  Just like mine!  The OLC was (still is) a subscription service for so long because the only feedback I would get from others business builders was that they knew they couldn’t do what needed to be done to set up the site let alone maintain it.  And I got it-100%.  There were days I cussed at the screen and scratched my head because on previous platforms I just ‘couldn’t get it to work’.  The frustration was real and if I got frustrated I wanted my product to take away the frustration-not add to it.

Showit changed all of that frustration and opened up a whole world to not only me but all of the Young Livivng distributors rocking their new Showit Templates.  Showit is powerful, and has

  •  a DRAG & DROP design editor-seriously the sky is the limit for your design
  • easily adds images, custom fonts, embed codes and more
  • full control over desktop AND mobile versions of your design
  • uses WordPress to give you a powerful blog that is capable of creating amazing SEO (search engine optimization) for you and your business
  • a support team that is amazing at helping you when you need to figure the tricky stuff out
  • a support community on Facebook that helps you when you have simple questions that you want to be answered quickly


I learned a lot about myself and my business with using the other platforms so I am grateful for the journey the OLC has been on over these past few years.  But with Showit walking into my life and now yours I am excited what you – tenacious Young Living business babe- are going to do with it once you get your hands on this platform. I’m excited for you to grow your business.  I’m excited at your new-found possibilities with having your own powerhouse website.

Until next post, boss babe 👋🏽

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